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How to embody the charming vintage spirit of the history’s past into new modern layout? And to spice up that with Spanish warmth and playful hint? This project of architectural studio Rubio and Ros answers these questions with grace renovating an XX sentry building in the old historical heart of Valencia the architects gave the house a new contemporary read full of warm, charming and playful details with a delicate vintage twist.

While composing the house’s new decor the designers used an abundance of noble materials. In first place wood – hardwood, European walnut or untainted wood – gorgeous as a cladding, fittings and bespoke furniture everywhere even on the terrace. As a reference to the building history, the architects preserved the beautiful brick wall and let it reintroduce itself quite nicely.

The rich tactile sensation came from the silk and wool material additions incense of carpets, upholsteries and textiles. Glass and bespoke Encaustic tiles (designed by Rubio and Ros especially for the occasion and produced by Enticdesigns) complete the picture of the high-quality material palette. But undoubtfully the super-star of the materials used in the composition of this premise decor is the trendy brass. First noticeable in the main focal point of the living premises – the staircase, but also a strong artistic presence as a frame of the coffee table, or as decorative elements spread throughout the well-lighted interior of the apartment.

Bold, colorful elements in baby-blue and sunny yellow, or as trendy brick walls round up the interior and straiten the passionate Spanish warmth that exudes from the place. The lighting of the otherwise sunny premises is secured by many trendy designers’ pieces of lamps – like the lamp on the second floor living room that belongs to the latest collection of LZF Totem S3 lamp. Those small thoughtful details as well as the art elements of the decor, the retro style of some furniture and the bold, cheerful elements like the colorful finishing’s in the bathrooms compose the unique, sensual Spanish style of this modern apartment.

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