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The clear, almost simple stylistic of this contemporary project from Fimera Design Studio (one of our favorite Bulgarian designers) with its warm colors, rich textures and playful hints, radiates welcoming and cozy emanation with a modern twist. The apartment is located in a luxury complex Flora Park in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The space division of the main living premises is quite interesting – although there is a free float between the dinning, siting and leisure-time zones and the food preparation area they are still cleverly distinguished and separated through artistic technics. The opposition of up and down in the sequence of finishing: gray, white and caramel wood, and the other way around, wood on the ceiling, gray carpeting on the floor creates an optical Illusion of duality and playful separation. This fresh composition of the architectural layout can be observed throughout the design of the apartment – the juxtaposition of light and dark colors, the smoot surfaces supplemented by rich tactile textures (carpeting, curtains, upholsteries) even, if you wish, in the classic furnishing elements alternating with modernistic technical appliances and details.

The aquamarine and green color details bring the dark and spicy element into the simple whiteness of the two bedrooms ( the master and the child dwellings’). And again- smooth – mainly wooden surfaces alternated with rich, cozy textiles. This project comes to show that even simple and easy going design arrangement can contain the elements of artistry (check out the black, drop-like detail on the wooden entrance to the living zone) and playful intrigue.

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