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Providing contemporary industrial shell of brick and concrete constructs this former power station on the western edge of Melbourne secures a dynamic scene for the new all-day restaurant designed by DesugnOffice. The designers composed a series of six connected levels and tiered platforms which a wrapped by the original vast space brick building and provide surprising intimate and calm charm within an industrial shell.

The design of the premises offers a rich tactile sensation for the aesthetic senses that comes not only from the textures used in finishing and space composition (soft chairs, sofas, and carpets) but it’s supplemented by the rich materials palette. Starting from the intriguing original shell entwining concrete and red-brick constructs and continuing with terrazzo, cork, painted steel, stone, black fiberboard and solid timber the architects secured rich and entertaining environment for dining and meeting with friends.

The place design combines the simple ingenuity, and modern elegance spiced up by the deliberate dynamic and tension between the existing brick and concrete constructs and the new architectural incisions (like the midnight blue staircase and space partitions or the greenery walls and design elements). Intimacy and light modern design entwine and create a space where the dynamic and chill out (not only as emotional states but also as design approaches) can meet and provide an intriguing modern atmosphere. Some of the furniture that composes the space present a Scandinavian minimalism of design; some carry a retro vibe, some a bespoke introduction but they all secure an easy going and elegant atmosphere for this Australian restaurant.   Photography by Sean Fennessy

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